COURSE 1: Rock Climbing for Beginners

Learn to climb in some of North Wales’ famous climbing areas. Our 2 day Rock Climbing for Beginners (indoors to outdoors) course is held in Snowdonia, North Wales. You will learn basic rock climbing techniques, whilst climbing a variety of single and multi-pitch rock climbs.

Course Title: C1. Rock Climbing for Beginners
Cost: Total £440 (for 1/2 clients over 2 days, including all the technical kit required)
Location: Snowdonia, North Wales
Group size: up to 2 clients with 1 instructor

You will receive personalised instruction and coaching from a friendly, experienced and patient instructor. The course programme and routes selected are flexible to take account of prevailing weather conditions, individual aims and abilities.

Course Outline

  • Review of current skills, experience and aspirations.
  • Interpreting guide books and climbing grades
  • Choosing routes and route finding. The effect of mountain weather on route selection.
  • Introduction to technical climbing equipment and its use.
  • Introduction to rope techniques and rope management, ie. tying knots (figure of eight, clove hitch) and coiling ropes.
  • Belaying techniques, using a belay plate (bottom and top rope situations), lowering a person and holding a fall.
  • Selecting and building anchors.
  • Personal abseiling and self protection.
  • Personalised coaching to develop movement skills on the rock.
  • Environmental issues and impacts
  • Course review and feedback

Previous Experience/Fitness

No previous experience of rock climbing is required. A reasonable level of fitness will ensure you get the most out of your time.


You will need clothing and footwear that is appropriate for mountain conditions. A helmet, harness, belay device and nut key are included in the cost of the course.

Just email joe @ for further info or how we can personalise a day to suit you! Private guiding or instruction to suit your requirements.

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We look forward to introducing you to climbing in the spectacular mountains of Snowdonia.