COURSE 7: Improvised Rescue Techniques / Skills

Look after yourself on serious and committing routes with a good set of self-rescue rope skills and techniques. You will practice the rope work time and time again revisiting all the techniques needed to recover from a situation when things don’t go according to plan. Your climbing will be more confident for it

Course Title: C7. Improvised Rescue Techniques
Cost: Total cost (for 2 clients) £220 for 1 day course: £440 for 2 day course with all technical kit provided.
Location: Snowdonia, North Wales
Group size: up to 2 clients with 1 instructor

When and where would you use it?

As your trad climbing improves and you start moving up through the grades, you will be in even more challenging situations such as sea cliffs and remote areas. If the weather changes half way up multi pitch route, do you have the skill set to retreat safely? Your second can’t do the crux pitch or has fallen off an overhang and can’t swing back onto the rock, could you hoist them? You abseil down a sea cliff and cannot climb the route out, could you ascend a rope?

What equipment do you need?

This is where you need to be able to look after yourself and deal with tricky situations or accidents, which most of the time with a few techniques and thought, you should be able to get yourself out of, or stabilise the situation in order to get help. The techniques learnt will allow a simple crag rescue to be effected with your normal climbing gear, with no special devices, because on the day it happens, you won’t have them! With just a few basic skills you will be able to cope with most of the situations you could find yourself in.

Course Outline

There is no set answer to a problem. Each will be unique and therefore it will require a series of different steps in order to solve the situation. The course will be hands-on throughout. Once you experience a technique you will be using it time and time again until you will be so familiar you won’t have to ask! These will be skills that you will be able to use for real by the end of your time

Day 1 We will start a tool box of techniques. We will practice these in isolation becoming familiar with implementing these under load until they become familiar.

Day 2 You will put these techniques together to provide a solution to the problem you encounter on the rock face. You will be preforming improvised rescues rather than simply learning set piece solutions to artificial problems. You will develop the ability to think clearly, logically and with imagination whilst under pressure. This is the key to improvised rescue.

We will cover the following areas.

  • Improvised Sit and Chest Harness.
  • Escaping from the Belay.
  • Assisted Hoist.
  • Unassisted Hoist.
  • Assisted Evacuation (non serious/retreating climber).
  • Unassisted Evacuation (serious injured/unconscious climber ).
  • Multi Person Abseil (looking after the other climber).
  • Ascending a Fixed Rope.
  • Avoiding problems in the first place.

Previous Experience/Fitness

You will have done some multi-pitch climbing. If in doubt contact us for a chat.


You will need clothing and footwear that is appropriate for mountain conditions. You are required to supply your own harness, helmet, belay device, rock shoes and rack.

We are happy to chat to you about what you need from this course on a personal level and arrange a date to suit you.

Just email joe @ for further info or how we can personalise a day to suit you! Private guiding or instruction to suit your requirements.

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Get yourself prepared on multi-pitch climbing routes using the latest improvised rescue techniques with Mountaineering Joe.