Course 6: GPS Navigation: Use of a GPS for navigating

Good GPS navigation is essential in the mountains

GPS good understanding is required in the mountains

Learn essential GPS navigation skills on our 1 day introduction to GPS Navigation and get more enjoyment out of the mountains. This course covers choosing and using a GPS device in the mountains.

Whether you like walking, running or mountaineering selecting and using a GPS device to make your outdoor activities easier, and safer but don’t know where to start? Phone or dedicated device? Maybe you have chosen your GSP device and just want to practice using it in a mountain environment safely. I will run through all the difficulties you will encounter in a steep mountain environment.

Course Title N5. Intro to GPS navigation skills
Cost: £200 per 1 person group £220 per day
Location: Snowdonia,

Group size: up to 4 clients

GPS, while never being a full substitute for the map and compass, is an outstanding tool, if used correctly. It’s easy to get inaccurate information from a GPS device, if you don’t understand its limitations, particularly in an emergency or when you’re simply to “relocate yourself precisely”!

Course Outline

The course will focus on two levels.  We will look at

  1. Do I need a dedicated GPS, or can I just use an app on my phone?
  2. Mapping apps
  3. Ways to use a GPS in the mountains
  4. What maps to use depending on what you are doing
  5. GPS device features and functions
  6. Choosing a GPS device
  7. The digital mapping range available for use on computers

We will then look in more depth at the 5 core GPS skills:

  1. Setup
  2. Operation
  3. Your location
  4. Waypoints
  5. Go-to functions.

Previous Experience/Fitness

No previous skills are required as the course will run at your pace.


You must provide your own personal clothing and equipment to look after yourself during the day, but if you don’t have your own GPS devices will be provided to practice with.

Just email joe @ for further info or how we can personalise a day to suit you! Private guiding or instruction to suit your requirements.

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We look forward to helping you with GPS navigation skills.