COURSE 1: Intro to Hill Skills and Navigation

This 2 day introductory course in Snowdonia assumes that you have not navigated before and we start with the basics to build your confidence.

Course Title: N1. Intro to Hill Skills and Navigation
Cost: £180 1 person,  2 person group  £200 per day in total. Larger group £220
Location: Snowdonia
Group Size: up to 4 people

We are running open courses at the moment at £80 pp. These courses differ from private courses because they need a certain number of people to enrol where as a private course is guaranteed to run on a date and time bespoke to you(subject to the weather).

Course Outline

Spend an enjoyable 2 days in the hills learning and practicing (plenty of practice) a range of skills.

  • Understanding maps, symbols and scales
  • Taking and locating grid references
  • Using a compass
  • Map reading and relating the area around you to the map.
  • Use simple navigation techniques and strategies to get you from A to B (features, contours, estimating distances)
  • Plan a safe and suitable walk including relocating yourself (in case you get lost).
  • Understanding access rights and responsibilities and what to do in an emergency.
  • Course review and feedback

Previous Experience/Fitness

Hill walking experience is desirable. We assume that you have no navigation experience, or you may have some navigational experience but need some encouragement to build your confidence.


Compass, maps and waterproof map case. A Silva type 4 Compass is recommended. Waterproof maps as follows: 1:50,000 Snowdon Landranger 115; 1.25,000 Explorer OL17 or the older style; 1:25,000 Snowdon and Conwy Valley Outdoor Leisure 17. You will probably have your own but if you are missing kit I can provide it.

Just email joe @ for further info or how we can personalise a day to suit you! Private guiding or instruction to suit your requirements.

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We look forward to developing your navigation skills and helping you to enjoy the outdoors safely and confidently.