Mountain Leader (ML) Refresher Courses in Snowdonia

Make a good impression on your Mountain Leader assessment course (ML assessment course), on our one day Refresher Courses in Snowdonia. We will run through everything you need to know and what to look out for, giving you confidence on your assessment day.

Course Title: MLS pre-assessment
Duration: 1 day – instruction only
Cost: £180 for the course
Location: Snowdonia, North Wales
Group size: up to 4 clients with 1 instructor

You will receive personalised coaching from a friendly, experienced and patient instructor. You will get advice and tips on all the things that will make you look professional on the week. The course programme is flexible to take account your needs. At the end of the day you will understand the assessment requirements and what you need to work on before your assessment. A very intense day.

Course Outline

  • Review of assessment requirements.
  • Mountain weather.
  • Group management and decisions.
  • Micro navigation.
  • Mountain navigation techniques.
  • Fauna and flora.
  • Multi-day trips.
  • Rope techniques on steep ground.
  • Environmental issues and impacts.
  • Course review and feedback.

Previous Experience/Fitness

ML training course completed or preparation for your training course. If in doubt contact us for a chat.


You will need clothing and footwear that is appropriate for mountain conditions. Working on 1:125, 40 and 50 scales.
We are happy to chat to you about what you need from this course on a personal level and arrange a date to suit you.

Contact us to make a booking enquiry.

Get yourself prepared with Mountaineering Joe with our Refresher Courses in Snowdonia.