COURSE 5: Intro to Multi-Pitch Climbing

Move on from single-pitch climbing and experience the thrill and adventure of some classic multi-pitch routes in Snowdonia, North Wales on our multi-pitch climbing course.

Course Title: C5. Intro to Multi-Pitch Climbing
Cost: Total cost £220 per person for 2 clients over 2 days with all technical kit provided.
Location: Snowdonia, North Wales
Group size: up to 2 clients with 1 instructor

You will receive personalised instruction and coaching from a friendly, experienced and patient instructor. The course programme and routes selected are flexible to take account of prevailing weather conditions, individual aims and abilities.

Course Outline

  • Review of current skills, experience and aspirations.
  • Re-cap on core rock climbing skills and techniques.
  • Route choice and route finding.
  • Rope techniques
  • Gear placement
  • Personal abseiling and self protection.
  • Personalised coaching to develop movement skills on the rock, outdoors.
  • Environmental issues and impacts.
  • Course review and feedback.

Previous Experience/Fitness

You should have climbed before, outdoor or indoor rock climbing and have experience as a single-pitch climber.  A reasonable level of fitness will ensure you get the most out of your time.


You will need clothing and footwear that is appropriate for mountain conditions. You should have your own harness, helmet, belay device, nut key and rock shoes.

Just email for further info or how we can personalise a day to suit you! Private guiding or instruction to suit your requirements.

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Enjoy your first multi-pitch climb with mountaineering Joe and leave with the confidence to climb more multi-pitch routes.