COURSE 2: Navigation for fell runners

A fast navigation course in Snowdonia, will build on your existing navigation skills and ensure that you are confident and capable at navigating in complex ground and planning your own routes dynamically.

Course Title: N2. Navigation for fell runners
Cost: £200 for 1 person £240 per day for a group more than 1 person (2 days recommended)
Location: Snowdonia
Group size: 2 to to 8 people

Course Outline

  • Review of your current experience
  • Recap – the essentials of navigation
  • Use a compass to follow accurate bearings
  • Understand and apply navigation strategies in various terrains
  • Use contour features on the map and on the ground
  • Plan routes and develop relocation strategies (in case you get lost)
  • Understand how navigating in demanding conditions may effect you
  • Course review and feedback

Previous Experience/Fitness

You will have experience of the mountain environment and some experience of navigating. You may have attended an introductory navigation course but still lack confidence in developing and navigating your own trails. A general level of fitness will ensure you get the most out of your course. Learning to navigate on the go with a dynamic strategy enabling you to move between points without looking at your map efficiently.


Compass, maps and waterproof map case. A Silva type 4 Compass is recommended. Waterproof maps as follows: 1:50,000 Snowdon Landranger 115; 1.25,000 Explorer OL17 or the older style; 1:25,000 Snowdon and Conwy Valley Outdoor Leisure 17. These can be provided  if required.

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We look forward to helping you improve your navigation skills and enjoy the outdoors safely and confidently.