Mountain Navigation skills course

Good navigation and map reading skills are of vital importance if you are in bad weather. Mountaineering Joe is running navigation courses in Snowdonia right now, to help you to improve your mountain navigation and map reading.

Mountain navigation skills

Mountain navigation /map reading is essential in the UK mountains.  The shape of the land (topography) is one of the most important aspects represented on your map. Contours provide an excellent three dimensional representation of the shape of the land but visualising this takes practice. This course is suitable for those with some experience of navigating who wish to focus on developing this.

Course Outline

  • Recap – the essentials of navigation (as appropriate for the group)
  • Orientation of the map
  • Route Planning
  • Using contours and landforms to navigate to specific locations
  • Micro-Navigation
  • Pacing and timing of distances
  • Selecting appropriate techniques for a given situation

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