Encouragement leads to success on a ‘Rock Climbing for Beginners’ course


What Stephanie Curran had to say about the ‘Rock Climbing for Beginners’  day out with Joe instructing:

“My first attempt at rock climbing was last year in the Snowdonia mountains at Tryfan Bach, with Joe leading our small group. It took some encouragement by the other group members to persuade me, initially, to have a go at the climb. Joe was very reassuring about it, telling me it was an excellent rock face to attempt a first climb.

There were a few other small groups climbing however no-one else had an instructor with them. Joe explained the safety equipment and signals and then we were off. He talked to me throughout the climb offering me advice when I seemed unsure and making me feel confident to the point that I abseiled down with a big grin on my face.

Thanks Joe for making me laugh throughout and inspiring me to ‘carry on’ up the mountains.”

Well done Stephanie.